The Etty Hillesum Israeli Youth Theatre Voice of Youth – “Kol Ha’Noar” A message from a JFMD funding recipient A group of 75 teens, Jews and Arabs, each year come to the Youth Theatre up to 5 afternoons a week where they receive a hot meal and learn writing, directing, acting, voice development, costume and mask design, lighting and sound classes…Read More »
Israel 2020 – The Year in Review By Naomi Miller, Director of Missions, and JFMD Israel Representative Many of us will look back at 2020 and see it as the year that should be scrapped from the calendar, the annus horribilis of pandemic, economic crisis, travel restrictions and isolation. Yet, Israel supplied a lot of good news in the areas of peace,…Read More »
Words and Action: A Shabbat Message We come to the end of a long and turbulent week for our country and local communities. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has revealed, once again, the malignant power of racism.
Our Eternal Jewish Spirit: Shabbat Reflections Our Jewish spirit, which shines so brightly during times of joy and celebration, is equally present in moments of difficulty and pain. When faced with hardships, the wisdom of our traditions and the unique fabric of our peoplehood is an enormous source of strength and comfort. This extraordinary spirit has been transformed into action in…Read More »
A Message for Shabbat Shabbat brings light into our lives, regardless of the difficulties we may be facing. Indeed, these are frightening and difficult times. Many of our most vulnerable individuals are facing circumstances that threaten their health and well-being. All of us, regardless of circumstance, are struggling to adjust to extraordinary changes in our daily lives. Despite this, we know…Read More »

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