Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic vehicle that provides a convenient, tax-advantaged way to make contributions to the charitable organizations you care about.

Opening a DAF with the Jewish Federation allows you to easily manage your charitable giving, whether you’re donating to an organization within the Jewish community or to any registered non-profit. Think of it as your “charitable checking account.”

It’s fast and easy to set up a DAF with the Jewish Federation, and requires a minimum commitment of only $5,000.

Advantages to Opening a Donor Advised Fund with the Jewish Federation

Simplified, Flexible Giving: A DAF provides a centralized vehicle for your charitable distributions, streamlining the giving process and reducing administrative hurdles. You’ll have the flexibility to contribute when it’s most convenient, easily directing your gifts through our online portal or with one of our endowment professionals.

Tax Advantages: Using a DAF provides a variety of tax-advantaged opportunities, including an immediate deduction from your income when you contribute, tax free growth on the account’s earnings and additional benefits when contributing appreciated assets.

Personalized Support: Our professional advisors are excited to work closely with you to ensure that your philanthropic vision and goals are met—within the Jewish community and beyond.

Family Philanthropy: By involving family members in the decision-making process, you can instill philanthropic values, engage your children and grandchildren and create a lasting charitable legacy across generations.

Administrative Ease: We handle all the record-keeping, due diligence on charitable organizations and distribution of grants, allowing you to focus on the impact of your giving.

Strengthening Your Jewish Community: While all DAFs require management fees, 100% of the fees on your DAF account are used to support our local and global Jewish community.

How to Get Started

To learn more about opening a DAF with the Jewish Federation, please contact your Federation representative or any member of our Philanthropic Advancement team, or call us at 248-642-4260.