Advocate to Combat Antisemitism  

Advocate to End Antisemitism

A national campaign designed to raise awareness about antisemitism and hatred against Jews and to encourage all people to post and share the Blue Square to stand up against intolerance. 

If you’ve experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism or notice suspicious activity, please report it.

With a global presence, the AJC works every day to combat Jew-hatred through global diplomacy, political advocacy, coalition building and strategic communications. Find numerous, searchable resources here.

The ADL is the world’s leading expert on antisemitism and is on the front lines, shining a light on all forms of antisemitism and empowering individuals and communities with tools to address this age-old hate. Advocate here.  

Perhaps the most profound and enduring way to respond to antisemitism is to continue living proudly as Jews. “Do Jewish,” at home, in the community, wherever you are. Explore events, classes and other activities coming up in metro Detroit. Support each other. We are living through a particularly difficult time. Look for ways to support your Jewish friend, family member or neighbor. Patronize Jewish businesses.