Shalom Shinshinim!

We are super excited to welcome our new cohort of Shinshinim for the 2023-2024 year!

ShinShinim are Israeli high school graduates serving Jewish communities around the world prior to their mandatory Israeli army service. The Shinshinim program was established in the summer of 1999 and has been active since! For Detroit, it is the fifth year of the program in our community. The ShinShinim are volunteering in different programs all around the Jewish community to strengthen the connections between Israel and Detroit. This includes: Jewish schools, synagogues and youth groups. The ShinShinim bring a unique perspective of Israel from their points of view and experience, with an addition of young fresh Ruach (spirit)!

This year we have 5 superstar ShinShinim:
Itamar Grife from Tel Adashim in Jezreel Vally in the partnership region. Itamar is working at Hillel Day School. He has a twin brother!

Itamar (pictured on right)

Shahaf Harari from Ahuzat Barak in Jezreel Vally in the partnership region. Shahaf is working at Hillel Day School as well. She used to have blue eyes!


Ofri Lellouche from Migdal Haemek in the partnership region, is working at Frankel Jewish Academy. Ofri is a counselor at Magen David Adom!


Itay Nussbaum from Ness Ziona in the center of Israel, is working at Frankel Jewish Academy. He plays basketball!


Erela Sabag from Ahuzat Barak in Jezreel Vally in the partnership region is working at the Jewish Federation and at JCRC. She knows how to solve a Rubics cube!


All our ShinShinim will also be teaching and working in different congregations, religious schools, special projects, trips and events throughout the community.

Our Shinshinim are here to share their love for Israel, their different culture, traditions, knowledge and are eager to learn about Jewish culture and different traditions outside of Israel.

Get to know the ShinShinim! We would love to see you at our sukkot event and get to know as many people as possible from this great community! Our open house meet and greet will take place September the 28th at the Shlicha’s house.