Letter from Arab-Israeli Hisham Bisharat, Yifia, Co-Chair of the Partnership Path Program

Dear partners,

What happened on October 7th shocked the whole world, we didn’t understand and didn’t digest what happened, simply an incomprehensible act. But it also sharpened in us the need for overall Israeli unity against this despicable and murderous terrorism. It strengthened in us the belief that our destiny is one.

All of us, Jewish and Arab Israelis, stood together and expressed our support for the families of the murdered and hostages, we prayed and continue to pray that all the kidnapped will return home, and that this terrorist organization will be eliminated.

Members of our partnership from Israel and the USA called to express support and solidarity. I personally greatly appreciated the phones that rang and the personal messages that were sent to wish us health and a peaceful life. This only proves how much we are together, how much we are a family.

This is our way of life, and this is our decisive answer to murderous terrorism. We believe in partnership between normal human beings as human beings.

I have always said that the partnership is not only a Jewish-Jewish partnership but an American-Israeli, Jewish and Arab partnership. My fate and the fate of Arab society in the State of Israel is intertwined with the fate of Jewish society as well.

And that’s why I’m here, an Israeli Arab who believes in a life of partnership built on the values of equality and democracy. After all, this is what the State of Israel was founded on and we must not miss the idea, despite all the disturbances and distractions around.

As a person who lives within Israeli Arab society, experiences and participates in the open and intimate public discourse, I can say with certainty that the absolute majority says the statement in the most emphatic way: “We don’t want terrorism and we don’t want wars, we want a normal life with respect, peace and quiet.”

I believe and am sure that after we pass this human crisis we will all return to our normality as a society that desires peace, shared living and prosperity for all of us.

with love,

Hisham Bisharat, Yifia

Co-Chair of the Partnership Path Program