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The Bravery of Perseverance

In FedRadioDetroit’s third episode, Federation’s Susie Feldman tells her harrowing tale of surviving domestic abuse and how the Jewish community was there for her every step of the way.

If you sat down for a meeting with Susie Feldman today, you’d never know the hellish journey she’s traveled. The Jewish Federation’s Director of Philanthropy and Corporate Giving is a direct, confident, seasoned professional. She’s passionate and vocal about the importance of supporting the Jewish community, and she’s 100% committed to the work of the Jewish Federation and its partner agencies. And she speaks from experience.

As the guest on FedRadioDetroit’s February episode, Susie shares a story that’s not easy to hear and, unfortunately, one that many women in our community also could tell. For years, Susie was abused emotionally and physically by her ex-husband. She endured verbal assaults, horrific beatings and was controlled and manipulated to the point where she and her children were trapped. Until one evening when Susie made the choice to run…

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