Menashe’s Story

Menashe Ram faced the heart-wrenching loss of his son, Omri, during the NOVA Festival on October 7th. Amid his grief, Menashe met with the solidarity mission from Detroit, sharing Omri’s poignant story and his deep affinity for surfing and the great outdoors. Recognizing the potential for a profound connection, Yoav Raban, JFD’s Director of Grants & Outreach in Israel, orchestrated a meeting between Menashe and HaGal Sheli (My Wave), a longtime partner of the Jewish Federation of Detroit. In the ensuing months, the bond between Menashe and HaGal Sheli flourished as they endeavored to honor Omri’s memory through his shared love for riding the waves and embracing the vast expanse of the sea. Yet, Omri’s love of life extended beyond the surf; he found joy in the simple act of tossing a frisbee, believing that with each throw, a piece of his spirit took flight. Inspired by Omri’s enduring spirit, Menashe and his family embarked on a heartfelt mission to extend Omri’s legacy. After Pesach, the Ram family plans to donate frisbees engraved with Omri’s image and his cherished sentiment to HaGal Sheli participants. Through this act of generosity and remembrance, they aimed to inspire others to overcome adversity, reach new heights, and carry forth the essence of Omri’s unwavering spirit.