From Tamarack to Abu Dhabi

A note from our Former ICP Camper, Doron Herman

Doron Herman

A very well known face and voice on the Israeli news is Doron Herman, the police affairs reporter on Channel 13 news. Doron is also a very popular figure in Nof Hagalil (formerly Nazareth Illit in the Michigan Central Galilee Partnership Region) where he was raised. He was an active youth leader in the community and a star in the early days of the Israeli Camper Program (ICP), followed by a counselor in Federation’s Teen Mission and at Camp Tamarack. As a journalist, he recently returned from Dubai, covering the exciting normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE, the “Abraham Accords.”

He shared how impressed he was by the local Jewish community in the UAE, the passion and commitment that they feel towards their Jewish identity, their connection to Jewish culture and practice, something that he says “I am aware, since my Detroit Jewish experience as part of ICP, that there is a larger Jewish world out there that I have the honor to be part of; I seek it out whenever I am abroad.”

Doron is ready for a new chapter in his professional life. As a father of two and with a rich background in the Israeli crime scene, he is now dedicating his efforts to develop a startup focusing on defending children and youth from cyber bullying.

Good Luck to you Doron, we’ll be following you and you latest venture.