A Message From Former “Shinshinit” Noa Sabag

Hi there my second family, It’s Noa Sabag the shinshinit.

I’m here to tell you a little bit about my army experience so far. I was drafted to be an intelligence investigator in the Navy. I can’t explain the exact role definition and will let your imagination do the job😊.

I passed a long training during which I had to wake up around 5 am and stay up until very late hours and now started another program so it’s not always easy but I can say that I’m proud to be a part of IDF.

As you are all going through this odd time in the Covid-19 pandemic reality and new world, the army is taking it very seriously too. The meaning of this new pandemic reality for me, is that my training will be taking more time, I will be spending a lot less time at home and we are divided by “capsules” so it is not always easy to meet new people but it gives us more opportunities to really get to know the soldiers in my capsule and if you are a positive person like me, it can feel like summer camp 😊.

Miss you all, and hope we’ll be able to meet each other soon!