Fun Facts about Dogs in Israel in honor of National Dog Day

  • Tel Aviv will test dog poop DNA to fine owners who don’t clean up – City council approves setting up database, obligating owners to submit their pets’ DNA details when receiving license.
  • Tel Aviv has the largest number of dogs per capita in the entire world. Tel Aviv is already known as the nonstop city, the gay friendly capital of the world, and now it might just serve as the most dog friendly city too.
  • Israel is home to about 80,000 dogs that enjoy long walks in the 60 dog parks across the country. 
  • The biggest dog cemetery in the world was discovered in Ashkelon National Park. Archaeologists suggest that it’s the result of a religious cult that believed in the healing powers of dog saliva.
  • According to a 2017 study by Humane Society International, Israel has over 33,000 stray dogs, with a majority of them living in predominantly Bedouin areas in the south of Israel.
  • Dog adoption rates rose by 300% during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as people return to work and as international travel opens up again, some have started to return to the shelter.

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