Susie Citrin

Interviewed by Faye Wolf

August 1, 2018

Max M. Fisher Federation Building, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Susie Citrin
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In this oral history interview, Susie Citrin talks about the importance of Women’s Philanthropy in her life.  She talks about joining B’nai B’rith Girls and AZA in high school.  She describes that it was when she married into a family that was a major donor of Federation that she got heavily involved.  She was able to go on a trip to Israel with her husband’s family that had a big impact on her.

Citrin briefly talks about some activities she was involved with, like different fundraisers and leadership trainings. She talks about her leadership roles as president of Jewish Family services and as campaign chair for Federation.  She describes her duties for these positions. Next, Citrin speaks about her mentors, the biggest challenges while she was campaign chair, and the things she is most proud of.

From here, Citrin discusses the difference between the way men and women solicit, and the relationship between the women’s campaign and the general campaign.  She talks about how women’s philanthropy has changed over the years and talks about her current involvement with Federation.. The interview closes with Citrin speaking about her children and grandchildren, and her hopes for the future.

History of Narrator

Susie Citrin began her volunteer activities at Jewish Family Service, rising to the office of Board President.  She has served on the Board of the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, as Chair of Federation’s Annual Campaign, President of Women’s Philanthropy, Chair of the Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives Committee and Board member of the Birmingham Temple. She has also been honored several times, receiving the Sylvia Simon Greenberg Award the United Way Heart of Gold. Her warm sense of humor and sincere concern for others make her an effective leader who has touched the lives of many throughout our community.


Important Subjects

  • B'nai B'rith Girls
  • Jewish Ensemble Theatre
  • Jewish Family Service
  • Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives
  • Yad Ezra

Important Names

  • Carolyn Greenberg
  • Lily Jacobson
  • Shirley Harris

Credit as: © Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives. Susie Citrin Oral History Interview, August 1, 2018