Roz Blanck

Interviewed by Michael Berke

June 18, 2018

Max M. Fisher Federation Building, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Roz Blanck
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In this oral history Roz Komisar Blanck talks about growing up in a community where most people were Jewish.

Her family was religious and belonged to B’nai David Synagogue, but she notes that philanthropy was not something that was discussed in her home.  It was in Hebrew School at B’nai David that she learned about the community and wanted to get involved.  She learned about the concept of Federation and loved it.  After she had completed law school, she was approached to join YAD, and then asked to be on the board of Jewish Apartments and Services.

Blanck speaks about the importance of education, the importance of Women’s Philanthropy and getting women engaged.  She talks about how her volunteering affected her family.  She then explains Penny Harvest and her involvement in the program.  From here, Blanck talks about her duties as co-chair compared to her presidential duties.  She describes her priorities in fundraising when she was president.

Blanck talks about her mentors in Women’s Philanthropy, and the current programs going on.  She talks about how Women’s Philanthropy and the general campaign relate to each other and how they are connected.  She then speaks about the relationships between volunteers and professionals.

From here, Blanck speaks about her work with the Jewish Fund Board.  Blanck talks about her three children and their involvement in Federation. She talks about why she believes community is important, her hopes for the future of Women’s Philanthropy. The interview concludes with Blanck describing the Lion of Judah and the Jewish Women’s Foundation.

History of Narrator

Roselyn “Roz” Blanck was born in Detroit, MI and lived in Oak Park as a child.  She graduated from University of Michigan with a BA in Education and then obtained her JD at the University of Michigan Law School.

As a part of Women’s Philanthropy with Federation, Blanck was a chairperson for the Education Planning Committee, on the Board of Directors, and a member of many committees including Long-Range Planning, Choices 1999 Table Hostesses, Israel Dream Lottery, Rekindling Shabbat, Tzedakah Experience, and Education Programming. She is a solicitor for Lion of Judah. Additionally, Blanck is a member of the Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives and created the annual book selling event, Bookstock.

She and her husband Stanford have three children.


Important Subjects

  • Bookstock
  • Jewish Apartments
  • Jewish Education
  • Jewish Fund
  • Jewish Women's Foundation
  • JVS
  • Lion of Judah
  • Penny Harvest
  • Young Adult Division (YAD)

Important Names

  • Cheryl Guyer
  • Edythe Jackier
  • Florine Mark
  • Jennifer Levine
  • Jim Belinson
  • Lisa Lis
  • Marion Freedman
  • Nancy Grosfeld
  • Penny Blumenstein
  • Susie Pappas
  • Tillie Brandwine

Credit as: Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives. Roz Blanck Oral History Interview, June 18, 2018.