The Albert and Pauline Dubin Oral History Archives

This collection includes stories from influential leaders, philanthropists, and those who have helped to shape the Detroit Jewish community.


Joel Gershenson

In this interview, Gershenson discusses the closeness of his family.  He speaks of his father’s immigration from a Jewish city in Poland called Gorshkoff in about 1904.  Since his grandmother’s family, the Greenbergs had already come to Detroit, they moved from New York to Detroit.   His father was very close to his brother, and they married two close sisters.  This made it so Gershenson was very close with his extended family.

Dr. Lynda Giles

In this interview, Dr. Lynda Giles talks about her early childhood and her memories of being brought up in a neighborhood that was predominantly Jewish. She briefly mentions her parents and her grandparents.

Dr. Conrad Giles

In this interview, Conrad Giles talks about his parents, his education, and explains his passion in becoming a physician. He explains his decision in becoming an ophthalmologist. Giles speaks about how something a Rabbi had said at a bar mitzvah made him consider becoming more involved in the community.

Gertrude Glogower (Audio Only)

Gertrude Glogower speaks about her childhood and family life, being a teacher in St. Louis, and about marrying Samuel Glogower in 1914 and moving to Detroit, where he worked. Once in Detroit, she discusses her activities including joining Temple Beth El and taking part in the Jewish Women’s Club, which would become the National Council of Jewish Women, Detroit Chapter.

Marvin Goldman

In this interview, Marvin Goldman speaks about his early childhood growing up in a Jewish neighborhood with his parents and one brother.  He describes the years during WWII when he was in the Navy.  After being discharged in 1945, he went to work with his father in the scrap metal business.

Carolyn Greenberg

In this interview, Carolyn Greenberg discusses her upbringing where she remembers political discussions around the dinner table during World War II.  She remembers growing up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. She and her husband’s family had known each other while they were both growing up.

Hugh Greenberg

In this interview, Hugh Greenberg speaks of his parents and his grandparents’ immigration to Traverse City, Michigan from Bessarabia. He talks about what he remembers as a privileged childhood, growing up during the Great Depression.

Nancy Grosfeld

In this interview, Nancy Grosfeld talks about her childhood in Detroit.  She remembers many of her extended family members visiting often and having big celebrations for holidays at her childhood home.

David Handleman

In this interview, David Handleman speaks about his parents’ experiences immigrating from Germany and Russia to Detroit.  He talks about his childhood in a diverse suburb because his father wanted them to live in a diverse community.

Mark Hauser

In this interview, Mark Hauser begins by speaking about his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.  He talks about his career as an attorney, working for Friedman, Meyers and Keys firm, which was associated with the Jewish Federation at the time.  He mentions that he eventually started his own firm in 1974.


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