Mireille Plotke

Interviewed by Robbie Terman

March 8, 2018

Max M. Fisher Federation Building, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Mireille Plotke
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Plotke talks about life in Egypt, noting in the early years of her life, it was a lovely place to live. She talks about growing anti-Semitism, particularly after the state of Israel is declared in 1948 and a war in 1956. She discusses some of the religious traditions in her household pertaining to holidays. Her story includes years of waiting for visas to leave the country, a brief stop in Paris, and then continuing to the United States. She speaks about her experiences as an immigrant moving to the U.S. and the assistance she received from Jewish organizations, meeting her husband and starting her family.

History of Narrator

Mireille Plotke was born on May 31, 1944 to Angel and Murad (Mordechai) Youssef in Cairo, Egypt. At the age of 16 she left Egypt with her parents and just one suitcase and $25. After spending a year and a half in Paris, she traveled to the United States. While living in Chicago, she met Peter Plotke and after a short courtship, they married. After giving birth to her first child, a daughter, Mireille and Peter moved to Michigan and settled in the Metro Detroit area where they had two more daughters.


Credit as: Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives. Mireille Plotke Oral History Interview, March 8, 2018.