Welcome to Women’s Philanthropy

May 8, 2013 | Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

A change of name signifying more

No longer a “department” nor a “division,” the Women’s Campaign of the Federation has embraced the name: Women’s Philanthropy. Just as many Women’s Boards of Federations across the country have recently decided to change their name from Women’s Department, or Women’s Division or Women’s Alliance to Women’s Philanthropy  —  the Detroit Federation has changed in more than name alone.

The change in name reflects a philosophy, as well as a change of vision. It announces a revitalization of the idea of tzedakah – an understanding that tzedakah is not charity. Tzedakah is justice –  righteousness. Tzedakah is philanthropy, the love of all human kind.

To dedicate oneself to philanthropy means to become an agent of change, to embrace the world, to work to have a lasting impact. It means to have a vision of a better life for all Jews, for all people, and to work to make that vision a reality.

This is a time when the largest transfer of wealth ever seen is happening. Women are a big part of that mix. Our impact is growing. Our ability is increasing – to take action in our own names, to build a legacy of tikkun olam, of healing the world, of setting a shining example for others to follow, now and into the future

Now is the time for women to expand our thinking, to lead, and to envision a better world for our children and our children’s children. Now is the time to think globally about the problems we can repair and the future we can create. Now is the time for a complete vision that embodies a love of humankind.

Now is our time to take our rightful place, set our goals, and announce who we are and what we stand for. Now is our time to embrace the power of Women’s Philanthropy.

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Upcoming Events

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