The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a curriculum designed to offer adults a well-rounded, in-depth study of Judaism in a user-friendly format.

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“Melton is my two hours each week of pure Jewish learning. No homework, no tests, no papers. I just show up and listen to amazing instructors whose knowledge seems endless…It is the highlight of my week.” – Amanda Warner

If you want to incorporate Jewish learning into your life, then this is the place for you!

Developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jewish learners from all backgrounds learn about our heritage and culture in an intellectually stimulating, non-denominational environment. Our superb faculty encourage group discussion and exploration of ideas.

This is an opportunity to explore classic Jewish sources from Biblical through contemporary texts. You’ll investigate issues of Jewish thought, practices, ethics and Jewish history.

There are no prerequisites, tests or homework. The school is open to any member of the Jewish community.

  • Traditional Melton meets weekly for two hours per week from September through June for two years. For more information on the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, click here.
  • Melton PEP (Parent Education Program) is an adaptation of Traditional Melton designed expecially for parents of young children ages 0 through 5th grade. this is a unique opportunity to answer your own questions about being Jewish in order to nurture your child’s growing identity. Class meets weekly for two hours per week for 28 weeks for two years.
  • Foundations of Jewish Family Living is an introduction to Jewish learning for parents of young children ages pre-school through 3rd grade. This series provides parents with a thought-provoking encounter with the core values of Judaism. Thanks to a grant from the Hermelin-Davidson Center for Congregational Excellence, Foundations is offered on Sunday mornings at temples and synagogues throughout Metropolitan Detroit.» Click here to visit the Foundations page.


The text-centered curriculum includes:

Year 1

Rhythms of Jewish Living examines the Jewish calendar and life cycle events.  Students explore ideas, beliefs, and practices that define Jewish life.

Purposes of Jewish Living explores Jewish thoughts and beliefs.  Essential Jewish theological concepts are presented through in-depth examination of the Bible, Talmud, and other sacred texts.

Year 2

Ethics of Jewish Living addresses the relationship between Jewish life and ethical behavior.  The focus is on how Jewish tradition shapes our relationship with other human beings.

Dramas of Jewish Living presents the significant moments, experiences, and issues that have shaped Jewish history from the Biblical period through the formation of the modern State of Israel.

For more information or to register for the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning of Metropolitan Detroit contact Federation’s FedEd Department at (248) 205-2557.

Judy Loebl

Questions About Our Melton Program?

Judy Loebl
Associate Director, FedEd and The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning