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The Event
August 10, 2014

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Pitch For Detroit (PFD) is an annual charity tournament that benefits the entire Jewish and larger Detroit communities. This year, to engage even more adults we are ditching the softball and playing kickball! Pitch For Detroit is one event in a larger community-wide plan to help strengthen and rebuild our community, by providing a fun, active, social opportunity for young people. Our goal for this event is twofold: to give young adults in the area a chance to reconnect with one another and their community through sport and charity; and to host a fun, community-wide event that continues to build on the momentum for a revitalized Detroit. With over 600 participants (including players and spectators), a BBQ lunch and music and entertainment, it is an event for all ages. Bring your family and friends and join in the fun.

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the-eventThe co-founders of this event, Adam Blanck and Benjy Gordon, brought this idea to CommunityNEXT in 2010 because they wanted the opportunity to do something meaningful for the community which they love, and which they both call home. It was the enthusiastic, industrious team at CommunityNEXT that put thought into action, and made this event a reality.

Our sincerest thanks goes out to all of our sponsors, participants, families, and friends – this event would not be possible without you!


The Cause
The Detroit Firehouse

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This year our goal is to raise $25,000 through participation of young adults in Pitch For Detroit. These funds will benefit Detroit Firehouse Engine 33 / Ladder 13. Not only will dollars/product be delivered, CommunityNEXT will also engage the firemen directly by having Engine 33 attend Pitch For Detroit on Belle Isle along with their families to teach about the needs of Detroit firemen.

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“There are approximately 80,000 abandoned buildings within Detroit’s 140-square-mile city limits. What that translates to, unfortunately, is about 14 acts of arson a day. Nearly 5,000 a year. That’s just arson. That doesn’t include the thousands of other types of fires and medical emergencies the Detroit Fire Department responds to every day. The Detroit Fire Department is underfunded, underequipped…and up against what seems like a never ending war. Their safety equipment, their boots, and their clothes are often moldering… But they fight on.” – CNN.com Transcripts


The Sponsors
They Helped Make It Happen

Contact Rachel Taubman – taubman@jfmd.org – if interested in sponsorship opportunities


The Vendors
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